Credit/Debit Card Distribution System

Card Distribution

Fully automated work-flow to manage cards life cycle is implemented, helping the bank to increase efficiency and further improve customer service.

Smart Processes is used to automate the cards lifecycle from request-to-customer.

Problem background

Our client required a fully automated work-flow to manage cards life cycle. This would include automating the end-to-end process, all the way from from pre-issuance to post-issuance.

Problem statement

Enable our client to monitor a new delivery or view the entire history of cards and pins. Once processed, the same data would be available to all branches, so when a new card is added, it can be verified and served consistently.

The process of automation would involve:

  1. Running the events triggered automatically by the online requests from clients or based on a set schedule.
  2. Extracting all data directly from the system.
  3. Calculating data using systems fields based on a pre-configured logic.
  4. Generating statements and uploading them into the system.
  5. Security of data by applying a set of controls based on user role
  6. Generate reports from dashboard and make them available on customers’ online access accounts.
  7. Importing data into system and checking the accuracy and quality of source data.
  8. Limit access by user, role, process, and/or data field.

While processing the data, the automation must also perform some on-the-fly  checks for example;

  • The input credit card number must have a valid checksum based on credit card industry rules.
  •  Applies a built-in mask format to mask credit card numbers
  • Credit card account number detection and displaying the card based on type
  • Checking records on system. User should not be allowed to continue if the data entered is not in the correct format.

Key Deliverables/Success Criteria

Our business development managers worked closely with our client to scope their requirements and configured Smart to satisfy all requirements. Key of our success:

The client receives a significant number of new cards per day per division. If each new card was to be checked and processed manually, it would require at least a working day and different people involved to register a new card. The automation allow all branches of our client to communicate with each-other and complete the entire work-flow efficiently.

If the entire process was done manually, would require multiple full time members of staff. Smart Processes helped business avoid the cost of hiring employees .

In past as the process was done manually, it would inevitably have some errors due to human input. There was no way to be certain that the new added card was not duplicated or valid.

With automation, the entire work-flow is completed with 100% accuracy, with no exceptions and detailed reports are available for auditing and reporting purposes.


Our business analysts, programmers and designer work together to execute all project specifications and requirements. We enable enterprises to design workflows that reduce human error, manual work and process completion times while increasing employee bandwidth and enabling business continuity.

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