February 2, 2017


Smart Processes offers solutions for organizations which operate in social services field.

The software helps organizations to have a full data of their beneficiaries and detailed information of the services they receive.

Database increase the control and transparency over the social services providers and beneficiaries.

Software contains the following modules for beneficiaries:

  • Beneficiary profile (name, birthday, address, family member, etc)
  • Registration of the beneficiaries in the organization
  • Education services support from organization
  • Food support from organization
  • Hygienic and sanitation support from organization
  • Health support from organization
  • Psycho-Social services from organization
  • Administrative and Legal services from organization
  • Transportation services from organization
  • Emergency services from organization
  • Reports Module

Database also generates reports regarding the needs of organizations, such as;

-Number of beneficiaries registered;
-Number of beneficiaries by level of education;
-Number of beneficiaries by gender;
-Number of beneficiaries by age group;
-Number of beneficiaries by ethnicity; etc.

The software can be completely customized in just a few days.