June 16, 2017

Local Taxes and Fees Administration System

Local Taxes and Tariffs Administration System improve revenue collection by automating processes, better servicing and increasing compliance and transparency towards taxpayers.

Use of ineffective methods of keeping data are not suitable for managing the accounting of taxpayers. Employees lose much valuable time by extracting data and writing reports.

The Local Taxes and Fees Administration System helps you to avoid;

  • inaccuracies in the calculation of liabilities;
  • dissatisfied taxpayers who lose their time for payment of obligations;
  • lack of internal control of institution;
  • lack of fast and accurate reporting.

The program provides the opportunity to have a complete and clear list of taxpayers;

  • facilitates calculation of duty;
  • fulfillment’s of bills;
  • payments of disbursement;
  • performing reconciliations;
  • supports automatic generation of reports and other functionalities.
  • allow ax authorities to collect tax data in real time

Main modules of a system:

-Fiscal package module

-Taxpayer Business Register

  • List of taxpayers
  • Taxpayer Profile
  • Administrators
  • Places of activity

-Family Taxpayer Registry

  • List of taxpayers
  • Taxpayer Profile
  • Family members
  • Addresses

-Automatic Local Liability Accounting

  • Taxpayer billing
  • Payments
  • Reconciliation

-Integration with other systems

-Web Portal

Web Portal has an impact on increasing the transparency and credibility of taxpayers towards the institutions.

Taxpayers through the web portal can:
-be informed on the situation of their local obligations;
-may download the notice of obligations;
-can control the billings and payments of bills in the system at any moment.