April 11, 2018

E-Government solutions

Smart Processes supports online public services to citizens.

The online application has some many features:

-Citizens can be register by completing a registration form
-Registration can be done based in some security levels
-Citizens can login via username / password or via gmail
-Citizens can attach / scan documents
-Citizens can download documents (application template, response template, etc)
-Citizens can send their request for treatment electronically
-Citizens can be notified by email or phone about the status of their requests
-Citizens can filter their requests in many ways (name, number of request, status, etc)

The system facilities the process of application and Increasing the quality of service delivery to citizens. Also the system increase the transparency towards citizens and promote the open government principle.

The system has been tested and proven to be functional. Smart Processes has been certified as a state database for online applications of citizens in 27 state institutions.