October 28, 2014


Smart Processes provides several solutions for the government institutions, focused on delivering quality services to citizens in a shorter and more transparent manner.
We have a good experience in identification of administrative services, identification of process workflow and configuration of them.

Smart Processes offers solutions currently in 10 municipalities and 30 administrative units focused on providing administrative services to citizens. We have configured more than 100 different types of administrative services for local government.
The Smart Processes software has a key feature which guaranties a long life of the systems, which is “the capability to accommodate changes”.

Smart Processes software solutions are oriented to:

  • Reduce the timeframe of service delivery for the citizens
  • Reduce the costs of administrative services delivery for the citizens
  • Improved quality of service delivery by government institutions
  • Increase transparency towards citizens
  • Promoting the open government principle

The software provides a very good list of functionalities:

  • Very Flexible to changes (data entry, access level, workflow, etc)
  • Customized Data Entry Interface for each individual service
  • Data Privacy Control for Scanned Documents
  • Digital Signing Capability
  • Generate Printable Forms
  • Able to provide multi-channel services
  • Able to integrate with internal systems or other Gov systems
  • Able to serve as a platform to provide services on behalf of other institutions
  • Provide history tracking of the cases
  • Check application status online
  • Accessible from different OS’s, such as;Windows XP, 7, 8 & 10 and different browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, ect.
  • User friendly and secure.
  • Allows to upload all the format documents such as: Word (.doc & .docx), Excel (.xls & .xlsx), PowerPoint (.ppt & .pptx), Acrobat Reader (.pdf), WinZip & WinRar (.zip & .rar), Photos format (.jpg, .png, ect).
  • Keeps a record of the various versions created and modified by different users.

One-Stop-Shop System

Smart Processes provide solutions for accepting citizens applications and providing services based on the One Stop Shop Model. Read more


E-Government solutions

The system has been tested and proven to be functional. Smart Processes has been certified as a state database for online applications of citizens in 100 state institutions. Read more


Local Taxes and Fees Administration System

Local Taxes and Tariffs Administration System improve revenue collection by automating processes, better servicing and increasing compliance and transparency towards taxpayers. Read more

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