May 8, 2017

Transparency Budget System

Transparency during the budget preparations and reporting process of its implementation is one of the main pillars for the establishment of an open and developed society.
Transparency Budget System enables citizens’ active participation not only in budget policy preparation, but also in its implementation. Considering the technical nature of the budget, it is essential that information that is part of the budget to be prepared and distributed in a simplified manner so that the public can understand and be able to make comments or ask for additional information.
Through this system citizens can be informed in real time with every detail and work that occurs at the local level and central, as well as becoming part of the online suggestions.

The main module of system:
-Planned and Spent Income of Institutions
-Planned and Spent Expenditures of Institutions,
-My Taxes module; help citizens to plan the amount they have to pay for local taxes.
By selecting the place where you live, the application automatically calculates your local obligations for the respective year.

Transparency Budget System is designed and structured as an instrument for monitoring the public expenses by citizens and civil society organizations. Thereby increases the public’s access to information and sensitizes them to increase participation in the process of drafting strategic financial documents of the municipality.
This system shows also how people are contributing to the income of the public intitutions, providing information on each of taxes and tariffs, but at the same time how each of administrative units contributes to such income. At the same time it aims to raise citizens’ awareness to pay taxes, increasing the sense of ownership and more accountability for municipal property and investments.