May 8, 2017

Finance and Administration

Manage your complex financials

Finance and Administration solution allows you to manage the budget lifecycle and plan for the future with capital budgeting and budget forecasting.


Smart Loan Origination

Smart Processes is appropriate to be used in bank’s services. It can help to collect customer’s application for any service offered by you institution. Below you can find some of these services that can be implemented by using Smart Processes. Read more


Transparency Budget System

Transparency during the budget preparations and reporting process of its implementation is one of the main pillars for the establishment of an open and developed society.  Read more


Budget Monitoring Expenditures (BEM) 

Smart Processes has build a transparent and effective process for budgetary allocation & control over expenditure. The application aims at enforcing financial discipline to create effective Management Information System & to develop a decision support system for monitoring the day to day financial position.  Read more