October 28, 2014

Industry Solutions



The IOSSh model for local government implements a service delivery model based on the One Stop Shop service delivery philosophy. The software is web based and provides features which enable the IOSSh to be: Read more


Finance and Administration

Smart Processes is appropriate to be used in bank’s services. It can help to collect customer’s application for any service offered by you institution.  Read more



 Smart Processes software is used for non profit organizations which operate in social services field. Read more



With increased scrutiny on activities and more government regulations in a volatile environment, financial services and insurance organizations must operate and move fast to increase operational efficiency and retain high-value customers..Read more



Educational Institutions have the need to automate core processes such as Student’s application for masters, different certificates, billing and invoices.There are also needs to automate the application process for student loans or the scholarship application workflow. Read more

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