October 29, 2014

Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS)

Human Resources Information System (HRIS ) allows your company to handle many human resources functions electronically and helps you improve efficiency in your company.The system assist your company with many HR activities such as attendance tracking, succession planning and recruiting.

HRIS allows many HR tasks to be handled electronically, even automatically in some cases, which can save labor hours.
Employee portals allow employees to review and manage information, reducing the need for employees to contact HR personnel for simple activities. This can improve employee contentment by increasing feelings of empowerment and potentially prevent penalties and employee discontent.

HRIS can help to improve transparency throughout your company by allowing employers to share things like hiring needs and payroll information with all of the employees at once. The system also provide employees, managers, and HR staff a secure way to communicate with one another in some cases.

Functionality offered with HRIS software include:

  • Database of employee profiles that includes information like; names, addresses, contact details, documents, educational history, salaries, performance appraisal history, etc.
  • Employee portal that allow employees to manage their information, request time off, view payroll history and performance evaluation.
  • Time and attendance tracking options that log employee hours.
  • Automation of HR Recruitment form job positions publication, collection of job applications, interviews scheduling, and evaluation.
  • Analytics and reporting that can be used to view historical information, real-time data, and even make predictions for the future.


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