June 15, 2017

Employee Holiday Planning

Having a staff holiday planner tool is an important part of workforce management. Coordinating employee holidays across teams and departments can be a tricky process and can often leave your business under resourced at key times.
Smart Processes consolidate staff holiday planning and monitoring into one simple process. Smart Processes empowers staff to request their own holiday online, the request is then sent for approval by a manager who can reject or authorize the holiday request with a simple click.
An integrated staff holiday planner calendar will show staff when colleagues are in or out of the office and when they have holiday booked. This enables staff to make more informed decisions on when to take holiday and improve their chances of having holiday approved by a manager. Managers and HR can use the calendar to identify clashes, shortages and potential issues with upcoming staff holidays and absence.
Holiday entitlements are automatically calculated and updated when holidays are taken by staff.Smart Processes gives staff, managers and HR an at a glance view of information regarding holiday entitlements, days taken, days left and other information regarding staff leave and absence.Smart Processes provided the functionality, accessibility and friendly user interface required to become a handy tool to coordinate staff leaves and absences.

HR features
• Store basic HR data such as phone numbers, home addresses and emergency contact details
• Ability to input different public holidays by office location and to setup staff as either working or not working on public holidays.
• Generate email to HR each time a holiday, training or absence instance is recorded.

Solution Features

• A fully featured web based employee holiday management system.
• The process works on a self service basis, where employees can request holidays on any PC with an internet connection. The holiday request is then forwarded to their manager for acceptance.
• Holiday carry over facility allows staff to carry holiday over from one year to the next limited to the number of days your company allows.
• Setup multiple levels of authorization to reflect organizational hierarchies

User features
• All staff has instant access to their holiday allowances, days remaining and their requests.
• Leave requests are dealt with via email by appropriate approvers and authorizers.
• A calendar shows all absence for the relevant and appropriate staff;
• Designated individuals can record unplanned absence for team members.

Management features
• Add new employees when you require.
• Generate reports and charts from any data set on your system.


Smart Processes – Employee Holiday Planning Solution can be completely customized in just a few days.