Implementing a Billing System on top of Smart Processes

Smart Processes provide a very flexible tool which empowers IT Consultants and software solution providers to provide a wide range of solutions in a very short time. A Billing System for Drinking Water distribution company is implemented in just 2 months using Smart Processes in July-August 2016. The Billing system features a number of interacting modules including:
– Customers
– Tariffs
– Maturity Periods
– Consume Registration
– Invoicing
– Payments
– Reporting
– Debt Collection
– Customer Complains
– Etc

Key end users have been active part of the solution designing processes, since Smart Processes allowed a very fast interface prototyping , using its web based drag and drop interface Form Designer to prepare the application data-entry interface. The implementation was a very interactive and productive process , with the impression that the system is designed by the end users according to their best expectations.

We would be happy to share this experience with customers or potential partners which are working in similar scenarios.

Smart Processes Team