October 28, 2014

Smart Documents

The process designer prepares a Ms. Word document with content and named bookmarks. The document is attached in the SmartDocs configurator.

Finally he drags the data-entry controls into the bookmark field and map them with the desired named bookmark added in the Ms. Word document.

Smart Documents


Creating documents with dynamic content from form fields is an easy task:

  1. Prepare a document in the very familiar Microsoft Word application,
  2. Include all formatting you want in the document including header and footer, page numbers, watermarks etc.,
  3. Insert bookmarks in the word document in the places you want to have form field data,
  4. Upload your word document into SmartDocs module,
  5. Map the bookmarks to the form fields.
  6. SmartDocs will do the rest….

An automatic replacement of your bookmarks with the fields of the form will be performed when a user will click to download the Document. SmartDocs is able to render standard form controls (text, date, list, html etc) as well as table controls to your Ms. Word document.


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