October 28, 2014

Process Configurator

Process Configurator provides access to all process configurable parameters, organized in sections:


process configurator2


General parameters

The general parameters section allows setting the process name, a short description, a process category, and a process icon.


Process Capacity

The process capacity section allows defining a number of important parameters related to the process capacity, such as:

  • Maximum Number of Cases per Process
  • Maximum Number of Cases per Case Initiator
  • Maximum Number of open Cases per Case Initiator


Process Availability

The process availability sections include parameters that define the:

  • Time when it is possible to start creating cases in this process
  • Deadline up to which is possible to create new cases in this process
  • Deadline up to which is possible to modify cases in this process

The above parameters allow Smart Processes to adapt to several scenarios. Smart Processes can be configured to allow the creation of new cases up to a certain deadline while allowing case modification up to another deadline.

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