October 28, 2014

Integration with other applications


Multichannel services

Successful case management requires the communication with other applications to get additional data and to send data, notifications or initiate processes.

Integration controls provide the mean to add controls with events calling a number of web services. Integration controls read online the web service metadata and produce the user interface to choose the methods to call. An easy to use interface is also provided to map the arguments of the web service methods with the input controls of the form. Mapping is done for both, the input and output arguments of the methods, allowing the web service to get data from the case and write data to the case. This tool makes it very easy to integrate Smart Process Management with other applications such as Billing Systems, CRMs, ERPs, and Websites etc.

A list of web services which implement case operation functions are provided to third party applications. Calling these web services methods third party applications can:

Initiate empty cases

Initiate cases and import data to them

Get lists of cases based on filtering criteria

Progress a case through its defined business model etc.

This integration features give to Smart Processes the capabilities to integrate to other applications as well as server as coordinator of processes for them.

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