March 28, 2017

Form Designer

The Data entry form(s) have to be designed through the Form Designer.

Form Designer is one of the most important components of Smart Processes.
Form pages are the place where Smart Processes collects data, calculates results, interacts with the user for the case progress, integrates data from other sources, etc.


Each process has a data-entry form. Data-entry controls are organized into pages. Pages are a container object which is refereed in the access rights configuration, thus providing different views of the data entry form for different user roles depending on the status of the individual case of the processes. All input controls are added through form designer including attachments and printed out forms (called SmartDocs in Smart Processes).


Form Pages

The Pages Toolbox in the Form Toolbar provides access to all form page related functions.

The form is designed in a variable number of pages. Each page can contain all types of controls acting as an independent form itself.


Standard Controls

The standard controls toolbox allows the user to choose from several standard inputs such textbox, multiline text, html text box, list of items, hyperlinks.



Using the Table Toolbox the user can add tables to the form. Several table controls can be mapped to the same data table providing a great tool for data collection. Standard input controls can serve as an initialization for table data. Data from the table including aggregated data can be written to standard input controls.


Smart Controls

Smart controls are inputs which take value from an expression based on other data of the form. Two types of smart controls are available C# calculated field control and SQL calculated field control. The value of these controls is calculated from a scalar expression written respectively in C# and SQL language. These controls serve as in important tool to display required indicators to the case administrator in order to help in the decisions process.


Two types of controls are available in the Documents Toolbox: Document Attachment and Smart Document.

Document attachment creates inputs for uploading file in a process case. Several parameters can be added to the attachment including name, description, allowed file types etc.

Smart Documents is a special type of control which uploads a word document with bookmarks, maps the bookmarks with the form input controls and generates a document with the concrete data of the input controls in place of the bookmarks.


Integration Controls

Successful case management requires the communication with other applications to get data or send data and notifications. Integration controls provide the mean to add controls with events calling a number of web services. Integration controls read online the web service metadata and produce the user interface to choose the methods to call. An easy to use interface is also provided to map the arguments of the web service methods with the input controls of the form. Mapping is done for the input and output arguments of the methods, allowing the web service to get data from the case and write data to the case.

This tool makes it very easy to integrate Smart Processes with other applications such as Billing Systems, CRMs, ERPs, and Websites etc.


Case Progress Controls

Case progress controls provide the user interface which will trigger the case progress to the next status. Both direct step progress and Business Rule Based progress controls are available.