National Register of Requests and Responses

Smart Processes has created the National Register of Requests and Responses for the Right of Information, that enables citizens to apply for online information and receive online responses. Responsible for returning responses are the commissioners for the right to information in public institutions.
Currently, the database is being piloted in 7 institutions and will be extended to all central, independent and local government institutions. This database is regulated by a legal act by the government, which makes it compulsory for its use by all institutions.The objectives of this project are:

  • Facilitating access to public information
  • Increasing the quality of service to citizens
  • Increasing transparency towards citizens
  • Increase the effectiveness of monitoring of public institutions to guarantee the right to information
  • Promoting the open government principle

The database actually is implemented in the following institutions;

  • The Office of Information and Data Protection Commissioner
  • Supreme State Audit
  • Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth
  • Ministry of Tourism and Environment
  • Municipality of Tirana
  • Municipality of Shkodra
  • Municipality of Korca